where to eat in trancoso


Where to eat in Trancoso?


> Campin Santo Restaurant, Trancoso

One of the best and most traditional restaurants in Trancoso, Campin Santo is located in a lovely garden with plenty of green surroundings and a romantic-rustic decor. The specialty is seafood with dishes like Rabalo fish with a crust of cashew nuts with a vatapá shrimp stew or a stew of prawns in fresh coconut milk served in a special preparated pumpkin.

For more information: www.capimsanto.com.br


> El Gordo Restaurant, Trancoso

One of the most romantic restaurants in Trancoso, El Gordo is located on the Quadrado and offers great service and a romantic setting around a serene pool. Portuguese and international cuisine.

For more information: www.elgordo.com.br


> Il Mercato Restaurant, Trancoso

A well hidden restaurant behind a little facade in the middle of the Quadrado, hides a immense interior with several rooms decorated with multi-colored cushions and Moroccan lanterns. The restaurant has three private rooms separated by curtains overlooking the tropical rainforest and the beach. The speciality of Il Mercato is Mediterranean cuisine.


> Cacau Restaurant, Trancoso

The restaurant is set in a garden beside the historic Quadrado, contemporary sophistication and an ideal intimate dinner spot, specializes in seafood.


> Maritaca Restaurant, Trancoso

Maritaca Restaurant has a spacious dining area with spacious rooms, delightfull gardens and rustic sofas. The specialties are grilled lobster, shrimp, fish, risottos and pizzas of many different flavors and ways of preparation,


> Japaiano Restaurant, Trancoso

The restaurant is located inside the Hotel da Praça on the historic quadrado. The cuisine is a blend of exotic flavors: Bahiano roots with Japanese flavor. Dishes like the Yakissoba sun and salmon tartarwho are all created by the renowned Chef Felipe Bronze.


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